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Dr. Chilton (2)

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton,

our local theologian, is one of the treasurers of the Church. He is Chaplain at Bard College; pastor of the Free Church of St. John the Evangelist in Barrytown, New York, and Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Religion at Bard College. A well-known expert on the historical Jesus, Chilton is the author of many books and a contributor to many publications.
He has taught at Yale University, Union Theological Seminary, St. John's College at Cambridge University, and Sheffield University. He was the Heinrich Hertz Scholar, appointed by the minister for science and research of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Franz Delitzsch Lecturer at the Institutum Judaicum Delizschianum in Munster, Germany.
His keen incite into the theological issues of our day, his knowledge of the Scriptures and church history make his talks very informative.
We have listed his material  below for your convenience, We are please to have his material available to the Church on the website.


latest  update: September, 2012


Upcoming Fall Series 2012- now in production
(These sessions are being downloaded on to Youtube. The address is "Fred Cartier Video Services" There is a block on the tapes so that you can watch but will be unable to make copies- for copies they are $50.00 for the set each plus $4.00 postage and sales tax.)

The Institute of Advanced Theology will be hosting the Fall 2012 Advent

Luncheon Lecture Series, "The Prophecy: the written testimony," there will be 5 lectures led

by Bruce Chilton.

A brief description follows:

Prophets claim to link the world of human beings with divine reality. Their

methods have included recourse to poetry, vision, music, and ritual.

Prophecy has typically been seen as an undocumented activity, either too

remote in time or too marginal to be fully recorded. Yet the Hebrew Bible

provides direct evidence -- reaching back to the  eighth century B.C.E.

-- of what the prophetic process and prophetic communication involve.

Lecture 1- "The Prophecy: the written Testimony, Amos and Hosea"

Lecture 2- "The Prophecy: the written Testimony, Isaiah and Micah"



 Science and Religion:
A Role for Metaphysics

April 24-26, 2012

 The Presenters:

1.       Bruce Chilton, “Metaphysics, the New Gnosticism, and Scientific Dialogue”

2.       Bernhard Lang, “A Mixed Blessing

The First Human Sin as a Fortunate and a Tragic Event in German and French Philosophical Thought

3.       Lawrence Schiffman, “Jewish Metaphysics: Past, Present and Future”

4.       Gheorghe Popa, "L'ETRE, existence et orientation spirituelle dans la metaphisique theologique. Aspects relevants pour le dialogue entre Religion et Science"

5.           Marcelo Gleiser, “The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable: Science, Religion, and our Knowledge of the World”

6.           Peter Atkins, “Nothing”

7.       Donald Goldsmith, “A [Naïve] Scientist Ponders Metaphysics, Science, and Religion”

8.       Tammy Nyden, “"How Theology in Seventeenth-Century Leiden Influenced the Acceptance and Spread of Experimental Physics" 2:30

9.           Gennady Shkliarevsky, “The God Debates and The Limits of Reason.”

10.        Panel discussion with David Birnbaum and all participants

Price for complete ser: $95.00 (plus $15.00 Postage and Handling)

Individual DVD's  15.00 ( plus postage and handling $6.00)



Jacob Neusner 
Bruce D. Chilton, and Jonathan Becker, Bard College
R. E. Tully, United States Military Academy
 April 16-18, 2012

1. Keynote Address: Should We Justify War?
                       Roger Berkowitz, Bard College

2.  Justice and Justifications: War Theory among the Ancient Greeks
                       Carolyn Dewald,  Bard College

Religion, Ritual and War in the Late Roman Republic
                       Robert M. Berchman, Dowling College

4 . The Wars of Yahweh: Biblical Views of Just War
            Baruch A. Levine, New York University

5. Just War in Classical Judaism
                       Jacob Neusner,  Bard College 

6. Christianity in War Bruce Chilton, Bard College

7.  Jihad in Classical Islamic Thought
                    Mairaj Syed, Bard College

8. Just War in Buddhism,
                    Kristen Scheible, Bard College

9. Hinduism
                      Richard Davis,  Bard College

10.  Fighting the Good Fight
                        R. E. Tully, United States Military Academy, West Point

Jus ad Bellum and the Islamic Reformation
                        Mark David Welton, United States Military Academy, West Point

12.  Fighting Wars Justly: The Legal and Moral Concerns and
Consequences of Private Military and Security Contractors in Modern Times
                        David  A. Wallace, United States Military Academy, West Point

13.  Moral Diligence: An Epistemological Approach to the Issue of
Selective Conscientious Objection

                        Brian J. Imiola, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York

14. Just War Theory, Choice and Necessity  and Israel¹s Responses to Genocidal Threats:  An Evidence-Based Approach
                        Elihu D Richter, Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health and Community Medicine

15.  Anticipation in Walzer’s Just War Theory: The Example of Israel’s 1967
First Strike in the Light of Historical Evidence

                        Joel Perlmann, Bard College

16. Conclusion      William Scott Green, University of Miami


Price for complete ser: $135.00 (plus $15.00 Postage and Handling)

Individual DVD's  15.00 ( plus postage and handling $6.00)




Lent Lecture Series - 2012

"The Gnostic Quest"- set of 5 DVDs

1. The Gnostic Quest

2. Resurrection-The Gnostic Science

3. The Problem of Evil-The Gnostic Diagnosis

4. Gnostic Ethics- Doing Good in a broken world





The Advent Lecture Series-Fall 2011

"The Emergence of the New Testament" set of 5 DVDs

1. Emergence

2. Paul

3. Formation of the Gospels

4. Luke-Acts, Timothy, Pastoral Epistles

5. The Wisdom Tradition and Gnosticism


Lenten Lecture Series- 2011

"Unveiling the Revelation" - set of 5 DVDs



The Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College held it annual Fall series: "Prophetic Justice and Medical Care -- applying the ethics of Jesus." led by Bruce Chilton.  Jesus wanted to unleash in people in order to make change happen, change that he called the Kingdom of God.  He took on that task because he stood in the lineage of prophets who came before him, just as he inspired many prophetic figures who came after him.  Whoever else Jesus was, he was - as he said and many people in his time recognized - a prophet.  Attention to his prophetic purpose will bring home to us truths about Jesus that are deeper than our disagreements over how to identify him.

 The prophetic impulse itself, of course, predates Jesus by millennia.  The desire to learn divine wisdom, and to translate its beauty and order and power into the affairs of human beings features as a primordial ambition in many ancient cultures.  In our time in the United States, no field of need can compete with the crisis in medical care in its need for the principles of prophetic justice.

Disk 1- "The Spirit" Disk 2- "The Soul"  Disk 3- "Insight"  Disk 4- "Forgiveness"  Disk 5- "Glory"

The Advent Lecture Series- Fall 2010

 "Apocalypse - Then and Now"

 by Bruce Chilton. 

 "Apocalypse - Then and Now" is a series of 5 lectures sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Theology.  Starting with the book actually called "The Apocalypse, the Revelation of John," the lectures explore the concepts developed by the author, especially his visions of the end of the world and of human life beyond this world.  John's eschatology (his teaching about the end) stood in a tradition of Near Eastern and Hellenistic thought. 

The lectures will investigate that background, and analyze how the Apocalypse has been interpreted to our day.

The Lectures will meet on the Bard College campus, on Fridays at noon, October 1st through October 29th at the Bertelsmann Campus Center, Multi-purpose room.  At noon, lunch will be available for members at a charge of $15.00 for those who register in advance ($17.00 for non-members).  For further information on the Lecture series, contact, Theresa Desmond, IAT Coordinator, please notify or telephone 845-758-7279.

A DVD of each lecture is $12.00 (postage included), order all 5 for $50.00 (postage included) plus the lectures will be in an album.

Spring Lecture Series - 2009

"The Axiel Bible - 5 DVDs 

The Institute's spring series '09 of lectures will analyze the dramatic, often disruptive shifts of theology that fed into the biblical tradition over the course of centuries. The Bible as whole is too diverse and powerful to be assimilated a single, continuous book. Attempts to grapple with the entire text without reference to its development produce two dimensional readings: superficial accounts observing of this or that difference, without an explanation of how the evolution of theology is rooted in the histories of ancient Israel and the primitive Church. We will consider the archaeological evidence, anthropology and setting of each group which made a major contribution to the Bible. The power of the whole text can, in the end, be appreciated, but only when its growth and evolution over the centuries of the ancient past are also understood.

Fall Lecture Series - 2009

"Heritage in Conflict and Consensus"



Order Form for DVD’s of the Conference


(Describing, Analyzing, and Comparing Systems of the Formative age.)
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - Thursday, April 29, 2010

Program Chaired  by
Jacob Neusner and Bruce D. Chilton
Bard College
This conference is made possible by a grant from the Tammy and Carey Wolchok and Ahavas Tzedek, the Wolchok Family Foundation. The Foundation notes that Carey Robinson Wolchok is a former student of Professor Neusner’s.

   Tuesday, APRIL 27, 2010

Disk 1

1:00-1:15 P. M.  APRIL 27, 2010 
Michele Dominy, Vice President and Dean of Bard College


1:15-2:15 P. M.  APRIL 27, 2010  *  How does religion imagine society?
William Scott Green and John T. Fitzgerald, University of Miami

                                                                                            Ancient Israel

2:15-3:15 P. M.  APRIL 27, 2010  *  From the Repertoire of the Hebrew Bible:  Visions of the Social Order
Baruch A. Levine, New York University

Disk 2

James C. VanderKam, University of Notre Dame
  4:30-5:30 P. M.  APRIL 27, 2010  *  1 Enoch’s Vague Visions of a Future Social Order:  Foils to its Vivid Portrayals of the Present Chaos

George W. E. Nickelsburg
The University of Iowa

                                                             Disk 3

Alan J. Avery-Peck, College of the Holy Cross
Tzvee Zahavy, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America

                                                             Disk 4
Jacob Neusner, Bard College

10:30 A. M. – 12:00 P. M.  APRIL 28, 2010  *  JESUS AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD

Bruce Chilton, Bard College

                                                               Disk 5
1:00–2:15 P. M.  APRIL 28, 2010  *  PAUL’S THEORY OF THE SOCIAL ORDER
Bruce D. Chilton, Bard College
Frederick W. Weidmann, Auburn Theological Seminary

                                                               Disk 6
Petra Heldt, Hebrew University

                                                                                                    Disk 7

J.A. McGuckin, Columbia University
Bruce D. Chilton, Bard College

                                                               Disk 8                                                            
                                                                               Thursday, APRIL 29, 2010
9:00–10:15 A. M.  April 29, 2010  *  AUGUSTINE’S THEORY OF WORLD ORDER
J. A. McGuckin, Columbia University

                                                                                                   Disk 9
10:30 A. M. – 12:00 P. M.   April 29  2010  *  Concluding discussion:  
Judaism and Christianity:  Answering the  questions of the social order
John T. Fitzgerald, University of Miami


 A complete set will be 9 DVDs, in two vinyl albums, $85.00 plus $12.00 for postage and handling.

For complete set - 

Individual DVD’s of a particular presentation - $12.00 plus $3.00 for postage and handling.

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Heritage in Conflict and Consensus

This two part 3 day workshop will offer global perspectives on selected themes of Heritage in Conflict and will develop a long-term working group to formulate research and policy agendas for the future. Participants will include specialists in historic preservation, architecture, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, conflict resolution, public history, and heritage management as well as leaders and representatives of affected communities from Europe, the Americas, South Africa, and the Middle East.

Vinyl album of 4 DVD's is available of the second half of the inaugural conference for the UMass Amherst Center for Heritage and Society (CHS), hosted by the Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College.

The Institute of Advanced Theology was established to foster critical understanding, based in scholarship that will make true religious pluralism possible. Bard College, a private liberal arts college noted for its progressive traditions and innovation in higher education, has undertaken to support the Institute’s residential and academic development.

CHS is a multidisciplinary initiative to craft new approaches to heritage conservation and communication around the world. CHS offers research opportunities for scholars working in heritage related fields such as archaeology, history, environmental science, landscape architecture and regional planning, European studies, Native American Indian Studies, Afro-American Studies, Classics, legal studies, and public policy. Additionally, the Center provides undergraduate and graduate students with training and experience in heritage planning and management.

Co-sponsored by The Institute for Advanced Theology, Bard College and the Penn Cultural Heritage Center, and with the support of the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, The Archaeological Institute of America, The Brothertown Indian Nation, and UNESCO Museum International.

               THURSDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2009

9:00 – 10:30

DVD 1         


Faith: The Challenges of Religious Heritage in a Globalized World

Bertelsman Campus Center, Multi-Purpose Room

Moderator of Panel: Kristin Scheible, Assistant Professor of Religion, Bard College


Welcome Remarks:

Michèle Dominy, Vice President, Dean of the College; Professor of Anthropology, Bard College


Introduction to the Theme

Bruce Chilton, Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Religion; Chaplain of the College; Executive Director of the Institute of Advanced Theology, Bard College


Temples, Shrines, and Tourist Sites

Amareswar Galla, Professor of Museum Studies, University of Queenland


Approaching Montjuïc as part of the Historic Legacy of Barcelona

Laia Colomer, Research Associate, Barcelona History Museum


Three Graves of Mary Magdalene

Bruce Chilton, Bard College



10:30 – 11:00

Coffee Break



11:00 – 12:00

Working Session #4 (discussion open to all attendees):

The Heritage of Religion: Open and Public or Private and Closed?

Bertelsman Campus Center, Multi-Purpose Room

Moderator: Kristin Scheible, Bard College

Panelists: Amareswar Galla, Laia Colomer, Bruce Chilton

Rapporteur: Grace Cleary, UMass Amherst



12:00 – 1:30




1:30 – 3:00

DVD -2

Diasporic Heritage: Beyond One’s Own Territory

Bertelsman Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room

Moderator: Cecile E. Kuznitz, Assistant Professor of Jewish History, Bard College


Diasporic Heritage in Europe: The Acknowledged and the Denied
Cornelius Holtorf, Associate Professor of Archaeology, University of Kalmar


Does Diaspora Test the Limits of Archaeological Stewardship?
Andreas Pantazatos, Research Associate, Department of Philosophy, Durham University



H. Martin Wobst, Professor of Anthropology, UMass Amherst





3:00 – 3:30

Coffee Break



3:30 – 5:00

DVD -3



Working Session #5 (discussion open to all attendees):

Addressing the Conflicts among Residents and Diasporic Returns

Bertelsman Campus Center, Multi-Purpose Room

Moderator: Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper,  Professor, Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Technical University of Berlin

Panelists: Cornelius Holtorf, Andreas Pantazatos, H. Martin Wobst

Rapporteur: Angela Labrador, UMass Amherst



5:30 – 7:00

Not taped


Public Lecture: Staging Hinduism in an American Museum

Richard Davis,  Professor of Religion; Director of the Religion Program, Bard College



                  FRIDAY 13 NOVEMBER 2009

9:00 – 12:00


DVD - 4     



Concluding Plenary Session

Presentation and Discussion of the Conclusions of the Working Sessions:

Olin Building, Art History Room 102

Moderator: Elizabeth Chilton, UMass Amherst


#1 Can There Be Heritage Without Conflict?

Moderator: Richard Leventhal, Penn Heritage Center


#2 Between Tourism and Community Identity: Who is In and Who is Out?

Moderator: Isabelle Vinson, Editor-in-Chief, UNESCO Museum International


#3 Who Should Care for the Dead?
Moderator: Brian Daniels, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania


#4 The Heritage of Religion: Open and Public or Private and Closed?

Moderator: Bruce Chilton, Bard College


#5 Addressing the Conflicts among Residents and Diasporic Returns

Moderator: Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper, Technical University of Berlin


Coffee Break


Discussion of the Amherst-Annandale Declaration on Heritage in Conflict

Moderator: Neil Silberman, UMass Amherst


Where Do We Go from Here? Establishment of Working Group

Moderator: Elizabeth Chilton, UMass AmherstError! No index entries found.



12:00 – 1:00

Farewell Lunch

Olin Atrium









DVD - 2   

One DVD set of 4 DVD's in a vinyl album is available for $35.00 (postage and handling included). Individual DVD's can be ordered- $12.00 (includes postage and handling)

Make your check payable to "Fred Cartier Services"

November, 2009


Fall Lecture Series - 2009

5 lectures, on 5 DVD's  -  $35.00, (postage and handling included) available now


Spring Lecture Series 2008

Prophecy, Social Justice and the Vision of God

1 DVD ($12.00)

Fall '08 Lecture series

"Abraham's Curse"

Bruce Chilton speaking about his most recent book at a local book store at a signing session

1 DVD ($12.00)

The Institute of Advanced Theology, Bard College presents

"The Golden Rule in the Religions of the World"

(This conference was held in mid-April '08, 5 DVDs are be available, allow about 2 to 3 weeks for delivery)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at )




Disk 1 ---1:00-1:15 p.m.


1:15-2:15 p.m.

Keynote address: Defining the Golden Rule, William Scott Green, University of Miami


2:15-3:15 p.m.

The Golden Rule in Ancient Israelite Scripture, Baruch A. Levine, New York University

3:30-4:30 p.m.

The Golden Rule in Graeco-Roman Religion and Philosophy, Robert Berchman, Dowling College

Disk 2---4:30-5:30 p.m.

The Golden Rule in Graeco-Roman Religion and Philosophy, Carolyn Dewald, Bard College

7:00-8:00 p.m.

The Golden Rule in Confucianism, Mark A. Csikszentmihalyi, University of Wisconsin-Madison

                9:00-10:00 a.m.

The Golden Rule in Judaism, Jacob Neusner, Bard College

10:00-11:00 a.m.

The Golden Rule in Zoroastrianism, Mahnaz Moazami, Columbia University

Dish 3-----11:00-12 noon

The Golden Rule in Earliest Christianity, Bruce D. Chilton, Bard College

1:00-2:00 p.m.

The Golden Rule as the Law of Nature, from Origen to Martin Luther, Olivier du Roy, Paris

2:00-3:00 p.m.

The Golden Rule in Islam, Th. Emil Homerin, University of Rochester

                  3:15-4:15 p.m.

The Golden Rule in Buddhism [I], Kristin Scheible, Bard College

Disk4        4:15-5:15 p.m.

The Golden Rule in Buddhism [II], Charles Hallisey, University of Wisconsin

                  7:00-8:00 p.m.

The Golden Rule in Hinduism, Richard Davis, Bard College 


9:00-10:00 a.m.

Philosophical Perspectives on the Golden Rule, Daniel Berthold, Bard College

10:00-11:00 a.m.

Philosophical Perspectives on the Golden Rule, Jeffrey Wattles, Kent State University

 Disk 5      11:00-12 noon

The Golden Rules of Religion, David Sloan Wilson, Binghamton University

                  1:00-2:00 p.m.

How the Golden Rule Can Lead to Reproductive Success: A New Selection Basis for Alexander’s “Indirect Reciprocity,” Chris Boehm, University of Southern California

2:00-3:00 p.m.

Gold or Fool’s Gold? Ridding the Golden Rule of Absurd Implications, Harry Gensler, John Carroll University

3:00-3:30 p.m.

Discussion and Conclusion


set of 5 DVD disks in vinyl album ( postage included, within the USA,) (additional cost for outside the USA- contact us for pricing)- $88.00(US)

when ordering separate DVD's out of the set- $35.00/disk

(we are not able to do separate speakers from different DVDs)

Make checks payable to "Fred C. Cartier Video Services" email

Lent, 2008

"Prophecy, Social Justice, and the Vision of God"

(5 lectures on the later prophets) $35.00 for 1 disk of the 5 lectures, postage included.

(This series is the second part of last year's series in the Spring of 2007)

"Religion and Politics

Fall, 2007

This Series of 5 lectures investigates how the global religions shape ideals, policies, and strategies of governance out of their classic resources.

Spring 2007: Prophetic Practice of Ancient Israel

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton

5 sessions (the audio on session 3 and 4 is poor)

   1. Deborah, Samuel
2. Nathan, Elijah 
3.Abram, Moses
4. Amos, Hosea
5. Isaiah, Micah

(Because of audio problems in two of the lectures, can be heard though difficult, the one video or DVD of the entire series is reduced to $20.00.)

Retrieving James/Yakov, The Brother of the

Lord: From Legend to History


Visiting Professor of Early Christian History and Literature
Harvard Divinity School
Emeritus Professor and former Chair of Theology
Trinity College, Dublin

Sponsored by:

The Study of James The Brother of Jesus, Bard College

0ne DVD - $12.00



A four lecture series  presented by The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton

Presented by the Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College.

"The discovery of an ancient library of diverse writings at Nag Hammadi in Egypt, together with associated finds, has transformed the study of Christian origins, " say The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton. "The diversity of belief, the complexity of controversy, the passion of divergent commitments, have all become plain in ways they were not before. Strangely, however, scholarship has not yet explored the connection between these tests and Jesus himself. Yet if the sources of Gnosticism are read as what they present themselves to be, reflections of religious experience rather than literal history, they illuminate a world of visionary practice that helped shape Christianity and the whole religious environment of late antiquity."


A lecture presented by The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton

Presented by the Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College.

(1  DVD)

"Looking Behind the Da Vinci Code" is the topic of a lecture offered by the Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton, author of Mary Magdalene: A Biography."
"Interest in Mary Magdalene has been growing for three decades; speculation about her has been active for well over 1,000 years,"
states Chilton. "Legends of enduring popularity in the West have made Mary Magdalene a prostitute, Jesus' consort, and the flawed mother of a divine bloodline."

Chilton continues, "Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code represents a crescendo of interest, typical of patterns many centuries old, rather than a radical new conception. But where do these ideas come from, and what does our attraction to them teach us about ourselves? With so many controversial options available, can the Mary Magdalene of history be discovered?"

Toward Open Christianity: A Symposium on Christ in a Pluralistic World

Friday April 13, 2007 - Sunday April 15, 2007
Participants include Angela Bonavoglia; Sidney Callahan; Paul E. Capetz, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities; Bruce D. Chilton, Bard College; Matthew Fox, Wisdom University; Christine E. Gudorf, Florida International University; Scott Holland, Bethany Theological Seminary; William Hood, Oberlin College; Jeffrey J. Kripal, Rice University; and Paul E. Murray, Bard College. Sponsored by the Bard Chaplaincy.


"Toward Open Christianity: A Symposium on Christ in a Pluralistic World"
April 13–15, 2007
Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

Session I.   Keynote Address

 Matthew Fox "Reinventing Christianity for Our Post-Modern Times"

Session II. Historical Perspectives
Bruce D. Chilton: Christianity's Road Not Taken: James, the Brother of Jesus, and the Christian Judaism of the Early Centuries

Paul E. Capetz (Because of illness the speaker's address was read by Ginger Grab)
"What Has the Enlightenment to Do with the Reformation? Religion as Revealed, as Rational, and as Historical"

Session III. ( Not taped at request of the speaker)

Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey
Maintaining Religious Principles in Public Life

Session IV.
Paul E. Murray "'Open' Christianity? Open How? How Open?"

Session V. Homosexuality in Contemporary Christianity
Jeffrey J. Kripal : "On the fiction of a straight Jesus, or why homosexuality is splitting the churches and will continue to do so."
Christine E. Gudorf: "Homosexuality, Ideology and Science."
William E. Hood: "What Does Love have to do with It?"

Session VI. Christian Participation in Pluralistic Communities
Scott Holland: We Contain Multitudes  
Sidney Callahan: Open to the Future in Faith and Unity

Session VII  Closing Session  Roundtable discussion led by the Chaplaincy of Bard College


The entire Symposium is on 2 DVD's or 2 VHS (EP) tapes in a vinyl album,

Album 1 - just holds the 2 DVDs  -   $33.50

Album 2 - holds the 2 DVD and also a place to hold 8 1/2 X 11 papers - $39.50



Rabbi Lawrence Troster, Jewish Chaplain to the College

"The Two Books of God: The Interaction of Science and Religion"

3 lectures ( 5/2006)

The series looks at how science and religion have interacted in the past and the present.
The first lecture examines the historical relationship of science and religion form the scientific revolution the 17th Century through today.
The second lecture focuses on how modern cosmology has influenced traditional Jewish and Christian theological doctrines of creation.
The third lecture concentrates on how modern physics and biological science have challenged the Biblical view of God's providence and how modern theology has attempted to find divine action within natural law

(1 DVD or Video tape contain all 3 lectures)




Five lectures with the Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton (on one DVD)

The 2006 Lenten Lecture Series, “The Bible as Literature,” presented by the Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College. Offered by the Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton,

“No other single book has exerted the depth and range of influence that the Bible has,” says Chilton, Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Bard. “Its impact has most prominently been conveyed by the practice of Judaism and Christianity. The Bible tells tell the story of God’s people, shapes their identity through prophecy, and informs their understanding with a rich variety of writings. The Torah (or ‘Law’), the Prophets, and the Writings are the three main divisions of the Hebrew Bible. Christians recognize as the Bible not only the Scriptures of Israel, but also 27 documents that describe or that derive from the persons and events that gave rise to faith in Jesus. Christians designate this second group as ‘the New Testament’ and refer to the sacred Jewish writings as ‘the Old Testament.’ In addition to the writings included in the canons of the Bible, there are a number of writings that some communities, past and present, have regarded as of equal value, or as essential supplements to the biblical sources. Included in some Christian Bibles, for example, are the Wisdom of Solomon and 1 and 2 Maccabees. Some early churches used Gospels other than the four now found in the New Testament.”

Chilton concludes, “We shall examine writings widely accepted as authoritative, but also look at a number of the writings that were given official status only by some groups within Judaism and Christianity. An awareness of this penumbra of literatures around official canons helps us appreciate the diversity of belief and practice within Judaism and Christianity, and to see the links between the biblical tradition and the religions of antiquity, as well as that tradition’s links with Islam.”

Each lecture has a set of study guides. These can be down loaded at :

For a recent update of lectures available of Dr. Chilton:




Offered by John Haught,

 Distinguished research professor of the
Department of Theology at Georgetown University

one lecture, Tuesday, March 21, 2006


            “Darwin’s science seems to challenge religious trust in a providential God who purposefully creates, influences, and eternally cares for the world,” says Haught. “Evolutionary biology also seems to raise questions about the basis for ethical valuations. Our religious ancestors did not have any knowledge of biological evolution, so is it possible that their sense of right and wrong is also out of tune with what we now know to be a quite different story of life from those they held? After Darwin, can there be a plausible understanding of God that is both consistent with traditional beliefs and core ethical aspirations, while at the same time being adequate to the reality of evolution?” These are the questions Haught will address in his presentation.

       John Haught’s area of specialization is systematic theology, with a particular interest in issues pertaining to science, cosmology, ecology, and religion. He is the author of God After Darwin: A Theology of Evolution; Science and Religion: From Conflict to Conversation; The Promise of Nature: Ecology and Cosmic Purpose; Mystery and Promise: A Theology of Revelation; What Is Religion?; The Revelation of God in History; What Is God?; The Cosmic Adventure; Nature and Purpose; Religion and Self-Acceptance; and editor of Science and Religion in Search of Cosmic Purpose, as well as numerous articles and reviews. Haught is a frequent lecturer on topics related to science, theology, and ecology. He is the founder of the Georgetown Center for the Study of Science and Religion.

Sacred Time: The Festivals of Christianity
Lent- 2005

A series of 5 lectures by The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton. (audio, video or DVD-the whole series)


Altruism in World's Religions Conference
November 16-18, 2004.

Participants discuss altruism in Buddhism, Chinese, and Japanese religious traditions, Christianity, Graeo-Roman paganism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism

"The Mystical Practices of Jesus and Paul"
Bruce Chilton

Fall 2004, 4 lectures

4 audio and video VHS tapes,
1 DVD having all four lectures

"Rabbi Paul: Barnabas"

By Bruce Chilton

A special lecture to the members of the Institute on Barnbas and his relationship with Paul
one lecture,
(audio or video tape)

"Comparative Mysticism: Rumi and St. Paul"

(A discussion between Dr. Bruce Chilton and Andrew Harvey at Bard College, June 24, 2004)
Audio and Video (VHS) available (1 tape)

The Rt. Rev. John Spong: "Religion and Sexuality"

The Rt. Rev John Spong, retired Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, giving his lecture "Religion and Spirituality" at Bard.
This lecture is available either on video or audio tape.

(Taped on March 23, 2004)

Symposium: Miracles in the World's Religions

Kenneth L Woodward, contributing editior of Newsweek and author of The Book of Miracles: The Meaning of the Miracles Stories in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam was the feature speaker and members of the Bard College faculty were panelists.
For one video $23.00; 2 audios - $16.00

Taped on October 4, 2003

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton

Kenneth L. Woodward

Professor Richard Davis, PhD

Professor Jacob Neusner


Professor Nerina Rustomji, Ph.D.

Professor Kristim Schieble, Ph.D.

Mary Magdalene: A Feminist Biography

Fall 2003, Luncheon Lecture Series.

There are 5 tapes (audio or videos) in the series, DVD

Lenten Series - 2004
James the Brother of Jesus

Spring 2004, Lenten Luncheon Lecture Series.

There are 5 tapes (audio or videos) in the series

Religious Foundations of Western Civilization

"From Sacred Narrative to Secular Story" by John Pruitt

"Is Christianity at War with Islam" by Emil Homerin, professor of religious studies at the University of Rochester.

"The Recent Discovery and Identification of the Ossuary of James, the Son of Joseph and the Brother of Jesus" by John Painter and Bruce Chilton one video tape

A Study of St. Paul
(in a three year lecture series).

The First series was Lent 2002- "St. Paul in Tarsus and in Jerusalem"
The Second series was in the Fall of 2002- "St. Paul, From Antioch to Jerusalem."

The Third series was in the Spring of 2003- "St. Paul, From Antioch to Rome (50AD-64AD)."


A Study of St. Paul #1 : "St. Paul in Tarsus and in Jerusalem"
There are 5 video tapes or 5 audio tapes available of this series. Video is $23.00 each; audio tapes, 5 tapes, is $8.00 each (postage and handling included)


A Study of St. Paul #2: "St. Paul from Antioch to Jerusalem"
There are 5 video tapes or 5 audio tapes available of this series. Video is $23.00 each; audio tapes, 5 tapes, is $8.00 each (postage and handling included)


A Study of St. Paul #3: "St. Paul from Antioch to Rome"
This period represents Paul's most intensive literary activity.
There are 5 video tapes or 5 audio tapes available of this series. Video is $23.00 each; audio tapes, 5 tapes, is $8.00 each (postage and handling included)

A Series of Dialogues between Bruce Chilton and Jacob Neusner
October 10, 2001

The Politics of Faith
Ethics and Sanctification
Ethics and Eschatology

James the Just: Brother of Jesus, Pillar of the Church and Israel

a lecture given by John Painter, November 30, 2001

Lenten Series-2001: Rabbi Jesus: Death and Resurrection

3 lectures given by Bruce Chilton (3 audio tapes or 3 videos)

Lenten Series-2000: Rabbi Jesus: Career and Death

Tape 1- Jesus in Nazareth

Tape 2- Jesus in Capernaum

Tape 3- Jesus in the Wilderness

Tape 4- Jesus in Jerusalem

Tape 5 -Jesus and Pilate

Lenten Series - 1999

"The Jesus of Galilee"

The Lenten 1999- seminar and discussion given to the local clergy and interested laypeople by Dr. Chilton. The five audio tapes (sessions) offer a general overview of the Galilee area, its culture- religious, socially and politically. and how Jesus lived within this Galilean world.
1.. Background in Galilee. 2. Jesus in Galilee. 3. The Social Group of the Faithful. 4.Jesus in Association with John the Baptist. 5. Jesus and Herod

An Overview of Jewish and Christian Relations

A series of conversations between Bruce Chilton, Jacob Neusner, and Ithamar Gruenwald on Christian and Jewish relations.

Tape 1-Myth of Creation

Tape 2-Torah and Messiah

Tape 3- The Social makeup of the Faithful Community

Tape 4- The Body of Christ and Holy Israel

Lenten Series - 1998

"The Spirit of God"

These audio tapes wee made during Lent'98 by The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton, in his annual Lenten Seminar for the Red Hook Ministerium and interested laypersons.

Tape 1- Introduction into the Old Testament concept of the "spirit of God".

Tape 2- Priestly Sources (OT) of the Spirit of God.

Tape 3- Prophetic Sources of the Spirit of God.

Tape 4- How the Spirit of God is operative to John the Baptist and Discussion of Jesus to stop baptizing.

Tape 5- The Spirit of God and Jesus.

"Consultation on James"

(Sponsored by The Institution of Advanced Theology at Bard College
by means of the support of Frank T. Crohn and Helene Crohn
and the Pew Charitable Trusts)

A set of five tapes, audio or video (vhs). The audio are available at this time, the video should be available in the early part of May'99.

The price of audio tapes is $8.00 each (which includes postage and handling)

The price of the video will be $23.00 each (which includes postage and handling)

Titles of the Tapes

Tape 1: Introduction "The Prospects of the Consultation- Bruce Chilton

Tape 2a: Vow-Taking, the Nazirites and the Law: Does James' Advice to Paul Accord with the Halakhah?- Jacob Neusner

Tape 2b: James the Lord's Brother according to Paul- William Farmer

Tape 2c: Antioch and James the Just- Markus Bockmuehl

Tape 3a: James and Jesus- Craig Evans

Tape 3b: James in the Qurnran Scrolls- Philip Davies

Tape 3b: For What Offense Was James Put to Death? - Richard Bauckharn

Tape 4: Palestinian Traditions in the Epistle of James- Peter Davies

Tape 5a: A Parting within the Way: Jesus and James on Israel and Purity - Scot McKnight

Tape 5b: Conclusion and Discussion- Bruce Chilton

A Bard College Forum

"The Missing Jesus:
Rabbinic Judaism and the New Testament"

A Conference which explored the Gospels as illuminated by Rabbinic literature. The Conference's aim, according to Bruce Chilton, was to place Jesus within the environment of the Judaism of his time. Current discussion in the popular press has ignored the Judaism of Jesus' movement; this is the missing Jesus.

About the Participants

ChiltonThe Rev. Bruce Chilton is chaplain of Bard College; pastor of the Free Church of St. John the Evangelist in Barrytown, New York, and Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Religion at Bard. A well-known expert on the historical Jesus, Chilton is the author of The Temple of Jesus: His Sacrificial Program within a Cultural History of Sacrifice, Pure Kingdom: Jesus' Vision of God, Jesus and the Ethics of the Kingdom, A Galilean Rabbi and His Bible: Jesus' Use of the Interpreted Scripture in His Time, and several other books. He has taught at Yale University, Union Theological Seminary, St. John's College at Cambridge University, and Sheffield University. He was the Heinrich Hertz Scholar, appointed by the minister for science and research of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Franz Delitzsch Lecturer at the Institutum Judaicum Delizschianum in Munster, Germany. He created courses for broadcast on various topics, including "Jesus—God with Us?' and "The Crucified Son" for the BBC, Canadian Broadcasting Company, Christ Church Tape Ministry, and Intro One.

NeusnerRabbi Jacob Neusner, Distinguished Research Professor of Religious Studies at the University of South Florida and professor of religion at Bard College, is the author of hundreds of books on an astonishing range of subjects. He is founder and president of the Max Richter Foundation. He is a former president of the American Academy of Religion, a member of the founding committees of the Association of Jewish Studies and the Council on the Study of Religion, and founder and editor of the monograph series Studies in Judaism in Late Antiquity and Studies in Judaism in Modern Times. He also was a founder and the editor-in-chief of the monograph series Brown Judaic Studies. He is a former member in residence at the Institute for Advanced Study and a life member of Clare Hall at Cambridge University. He has taught at numerous colleges in the United States, England, Germany, and New Zealand.

EvansThe Rev. Craig A. Evans is professor of New Testament and head of the Biblical Studies Department at Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada. He is the author of Life of Jesus Research: An Annotated Bibliography; Luke: Noncanonical Writings and New Testament Interpretation; Luke and Scripture: Essays on the Function of Authoritative Tradition in Luke; Word and Glory: On the Exegetical and Theological Background of John's Prologue; and other books. He specializes in the study of historical Jesus, the Synoptic Gospels, the function of the Old Testament in the New, New Testament background, and the Gospel of John.

BasserHerbert W. Basser is professor of religion at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. An expert on medieval biblical commentaries, he is the author of many books, including Commentary to the Book of Hebrew, Psuedo-Rabad: Commentary to Sifre Deuteronomy, In the Margins of the Midrash, and Midrashic Interpretations of the Song of Moses. A recipient of grants including the Harvard Starr Fellowship, he has taught at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the University of Toronto, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Audio and Video (color, VHS) tapes are available:

Tape 1: Craig Evans: "The Missing Jesus: "

Tape 2: Jacob Neusner: "Judaism and the New Testament"

Tape 3: Craig Evans: "The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Interpretation of Scripture in the Gospel." and response by Peter Feinman.

Tape 4: Herbert Basser: " The Gospels and Rabbinic Halakhah"

Tape 5: Bruce Chilton: "Getting It Right: Jesus, James, and Judaism"

Audio — $8.00 each, (includes postage and handling)
Video — $23.00 each (includes postage and handling)

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