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(Let the memory have sound and movement)


The Services provides

vinyl albums holding up to 16 audio cassettes, DVD, VHS,
3 ring binders inserts for audio cassettes, DVD, VHS,
and related material-

As of August 1, 2010, All audio cassette albums, binders etc. and VHS albums and binders, etc will be discontinued and that which we have in the warehouse will still available until we run out (if you need it- we have it)


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Packaging and Storage for VHS, DVD, CDs and Audio Cassettes

Adhesive Backed Trays - CD, DVD, & Audio Cassettes

1 or 2 place, VHS, Vinyl Cassette Storage, 3-ring binder album, 3" or 4" binders

Storage Box for 1 or 2 VHS Cassettes

Vinyl CD and DVD Albums for 1-12 disks

3 -ring Binder for audio cassettes

(holds 2-12 tapes)

1-16 place audio cassette albums

Trim Line Audio Vinyl Albums

Medium Audio Cassette Vinyl Albums

8, 16  to 48 place, Extra Large Vinyl Audio Cassette Storage Album

3 ring binder pages for 1 or 2 VHS cassettes

VHS Vinyl Ledger Album for 1, 2, 3, 4 place Video Tapes

Hard and soft audio cassette cases

VHS, holds 1 +one CD or diskette,
Vinyl 8.5 X 11”, 2 “ spine and a ¾” well with trap

How to order

Useful Information for you

The Service distributes material through out the United States and Canada. No order is too small or too large.
Every effort is made to ship your order within 24 hours of receiving it. In many cases, it is the same day. You are notified of the shipment and when to expect it. If the item(s) have to be back-ordered you will be informed of that fact.

Media presentation is changing so rapidly.
We have available to you the "traditional" audio, video (vhs) and DVD's vinyl cassette holders for albums and binders to be used in 3 ring binders.

We are all aware that the market is heading toward CD and DVD, and have added  CD, DVD vinyl holders and 3 ring binders to our collection.
The traditional materials will still be widely used for many years.

Meeting the communication presentation needs of business, churches, and other organizations needing to display their message to the world .

When can I expect delivery?
Every effort is made to ship your order on the day that we receive it. Depending on the size of the order we may have to establish your account.
   If the item(s) have to be back-ordered, we will email you on the probably shipment date.
Almost all are items are shipped UPS, Fed Ex or US Mail.

For an idea of when your UPS package will arrive
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"The Services" is here to assist you in your marketing-packaging and
presentation of your information.

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